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Bead Grinder
1899.00 $(VAT incl.)
Bead Grinder - Grind beads shape with form wheels
Speed adjust bead grinder machine N series is the machine that most widely used for every gemstone factories. It work by a diamond forming wheel. It can produce different shapes by different diamond shaped wheels. More than thousands of bead shapes can be grind by this Speed adjust forming grinder. Such as round, oval, cabochon, olive, cylinder, egg, water drop etc. It has the characteristics of uniform shape and precise size. Speed adjust bead grinder machine N series is easy to operate. High efficiency, one operator can handle this machine and is able to produce more than 250-600 pieces in eight hours. Speed N series comes with a speed control unit, you can change the rotation speed depend on the hardness or size of stones. It have water recycle system, reduce the pollution of the environment. Speed adjust bead grinder machine N series is suitable for the most of the materials. Suchas crystal, semi-gem stone, jade, amber, shell, etc. Heavy duty construction steel powder coated. Diamond tools for this bead grinder are available in this online shop.

220V / 750 watt motor
Maximum precessing size 60mm
Wheel size 150mm, Arbor 16mm
Speed of wheel 2800RPM
Speed of workpiece 0 - 200RPM
Machine dimension  L560 x W520 x H1150mm
Weight 110kg
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Davao del Sur
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