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Cut Grind Drill Combo

849.00 $(VAT incl.)
Combo Unit - Great combo for hobbyist
Great combo for the hobbyist, build out of quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. This combo allows you to cut stones with a 4'-8" diamond blade on a table 100 x 200mm. Then you can fix vertical diamond discs 6" or 8" for to grind and shape cabochon etc. For polishing, you can mount a backer pad 1"- 8" in use with diamond pads. The variable chuck 0-6.5mm allows you to fix burs for carving or drills for drilling. With the included water pump and the stainless steel pipe, your able to cooling any operation and the splash guard hold your working space proper. Powered by a 220V, 600-watt motor, arbor size 12.7mm, machine footprint L500W x W400mm Weight 25Kg.

We sell two version, combo 1 comes whiteout tools and combo 2 comes with follow tools:
6" sinter saw blade
6" Diamond discs grit 80#, 240#, 320# and 600#
6" Rubber backer
6' Diamond pad grit 800#, 1200#, 2000# and 3000#
6" Felt pad
10gram diamond paste syringe grit 6000#
30 Pieces set burs
Universal Combo

289.00 $(VAT incl.)
Multifunctional Unit - Beginner Machine
This machine is designed for beginners, hobby or small use. Multifunctional cutting, grinding, carving and drilling with one unit. Saw with 100mm Blade, vertical table 100mm, chuck
0-6.5mm, flexible shaft 0-4mm. With a 220V 680W motor which included a foot switch for variable speed 500-18000RPM. For drilling, you can clamp the stone and slide out the chuck. The vertical table is made out of ABS plastic which is durable in use. For the saw, you have a little container for water who cooling the saw blade. Flexible shaft in use of diamond burs you can carve any stone comfortable. This machine comes with small tool supplies like a wrench, small caliber, 10 sandpaper, 30 small drills, and a silicon carbide burs. There are a lot of useful tools in this shop who fit for this machine, feel free to contact us.
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