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Faceting Table Top Unit

429.00 $(VAT incl.)
Faceting Machine - Table top unit
Small size faceting machine tabletop version, perfect for beginners and hobbyist. These machines have infinitely variable speed 0 - 1'800RPM with low noise and low vibration. Build out of stainless steel, precision and durable base, installed with water tank and full copper wire motor. Using disc size 150mm with 12.7mm arbor hole. There are two versions available, mechanical handle or digital handle. To process different kinds of faceted gemstone such as ruby, emerald, aquamarine and so on are professional tools in this online shop available.
Motor AC 110-240V / 120 watt
Variable speed 0-1800RPM
Grinding disc diameter 150mm
Workbench size 200 x 400mm
Machine dimension 200 x 400 x 200mm
Weight 7KG
Faceting Standalone Unit
1349.00 $(VAT incl.)
Faceting Machine - Standalone unit
Speed adjust faceting machine F series is used for processing faceted gemstone. It works by a flat diamond disk and lifting device, a holding tool with scale for precise facets. A fully cut faceted stone has more than 24 facets. Normally they have 36, 64, 96, 128 facets and the maximum who you can process with the Speed F series is 256 facets. The machine has two different rotation speeds, suitable for different stones. The diamond disk is belt driven, it has the advantages of stable rotation and closes no vibration. To process different kinds of faceted gemstone are professional tools in this shop available.
Motor 220V / 370 watt
Disc size 150mm
Speed 1400 and 2800RPM
Dimension L720 x W460 x H830mm
Weight 60kg
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