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Matal Detektor
Teknetics G2
The Teknetics G2 is unique among gold prospecting metal detectors for its combination of high sensitivity to small gold nuggets and its versatile function as an
all-purpose treasure detector. The controls and features are tailored to gold prospecting, including a sophisticated ground balancing system, separate control over signal gain and threshold, and a unique discrimination control system. These features also make for a great relic-hunting detector. While the Teknetics G2 makes for a highly competent coin-shooting detector, its user interface and features are not specifically designed for this purpose. As a coin-shooter, you will notice that the Teknetics G2 exhibits slightly lower sensitivity to high-conductivity coins, like a U.S.quarter; this is a result of its specialized design to emphasize sensitivity to small low conductivity metals like gold nuggets. The Teknetics G2 with 19kHz is an extremely sensitive unit able to find the smallest gold and silver targets at extreme depths that other units have missed. The unit has the ability to find good targets in iron. It is superior to any detector made, even those selling for 2-3 times the price.
With 11" DD elliptical waterproof search coil plus
Frequency 19 kHz
Operating principle VLF induction balance
Ground balance computerized ground grab and manual
Ground balance range from ferrite to salt water Inclusive
Total weight 1.27kg
Metal Detector
598.00 $(VAT incl.)
Long Range
The EPX9900 Long Range Metal detector which is upgraded based on VR1000B-II Long Range King. It could adjust the sensitivity during the setting testing and it also is an advanced Metal Detector System utilizing advanced FORWARD GAUSS technology that is both an audio and visual detector. This metal detector was first used in the field in 1984 and the FORWARD GAUSS technology that it uses has proven to be (by far) the most successful. This system was originally developed for professional archeologists and treasure hunters and has been used on many stations. With the development of faster and more complex processing units and a reduction in the cost of materials, we were able to begin offering this breakthrough technology to the general public at a much more affordable cost. Part of the success of this metal detector system is that it does not look like a standard 'metal detector'. Instead, it has the appearance of a fine, well manufactured piece of scientific equipment that one might expect to find at an archeological site. The EPX9900 metal detector 'custom builr' in a sturdy, hard side, padded case with two locks. The transmitter is case mounted and includes the 'Standard Seven' elements with selector switch. The system includes an installed, rechargeable gel cell battery with charger, transmitting antenna, receiving rods and receiver with belt clip, headphones and user manual all inserted into the specially fitted case.
Max Detection: 0-50m
Detect Range: 100-1500m
Ultrasonic Frequency: 400-3000 MHz+/-150 KHz
Power: 850mA
Frequency: 433 MHz+/-150 KHz
Inner Storage: EEPROM 16k x 8Bit
Voltage: 9~12VDC
Operating Humidity: 0~95%
Weight: 7.5kg
Frequency Range:
P.G: 395-943MHz
TIN: 433-1038MHz
COPPER: 472-1132MHz
ALUMINUM: 512-1227MHz
GOLD : 618-1480MHz
JEWEL: 725-1740MHz
SILVER: 831-1999MHz
EPX 9900 Long Wave Detector
698.00 $(VAT incl.)
Pulse Detektor
The GP-550 detector is some of the newest developments in the field of Pulse GBS metal detectors. It is probably one of the most sensitive and stable metal detecting devices of its kind presently available. The new improved metal classifications and automatic ground balancing facilities. The GP-550 is especially suitable for searching at depth. The performance of this electronic device is almost unaffected by salt water, most types of mineralized grounds or temperature changes. Specially designed electronics cancel out signals from the ground while offering stable signals from the metal objects. The GP-550 is therefore a reliable tool to locate at great depths even under the worst environmental conditions. A new improved circuit design suppresses interference from power lines and a power pulse technique produces very accurate signals to obtain very high detection depths. The GP-550 is a high quality specialist Detector and it is designed to be used with both, small or large coils. Large coils offer extreme depth capabilities for big metal objects because of the strong and deep going magnetic field produced. Small coils are preferably used while searching for small objects like single coins or gold nuggets. This model offers a great range on non-ferrous metal objects in general. A very simple operation is guaranteed by a minimum amount of controls. At the same time this detector model offers a number of features which are new for a pulse metal detector. Quality German electronics and very special designed electronic - circuitry produce benefits in terms of ease of use as well as sensitivity.
Frame 1.5m x 1.5m
Coil size 300mm
300W 8V battery
Frequency 600Hz
Pulse Metal Detector
4999.00 $(VAT incl.)
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