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Diamond Grinding and Polishing Laps
Nickel electroplated premium diamond discs in different grits for any stones, glass and synthetic materials which performs both rough and fine grinding. Diamond discs are manufactured with the highest quality diamonds that are nickel electroplated uniformly onto a 1mm thick steel plate with 12.7mm arbor.
Diamond Lap
33.90 $(VAT incl.)
These bullseye diamond laps have rings of three different grits, reducing the need to switch grits. To prevent contamination, the grit becomes finer towards the center, allowing debris to flow to the edge while you grind. Bullseye laps are manufactured with quality diamonds that are nickel electroplated onto 1mm thick steel plate. Master lap is not included, laps have 1/2" arbor.
Available in 8" with diamond grit 80#/180#/260# and with diamond grit 600#/1200#/3000#.
8" Bullseye Diamond Lap
70.00 $(VAT incl.)
Radius Lap
39.80 $(VAT incl.)
Premium diamond cabbing disc for simple quick pre-shaping cabochons. There are three radius 18mm, 14mm and 10mm for comfortable grinding, available in two different grits 80# and 240#. Nickel electroplated on a thick 11mm disc which is also on the outer diameter 150mm plated. Arbor hole is 12.7mm. Adapter for arbor are also available.
Polishing Laps
Copper Lap
59.80 $(VAT incl.)
Copper Laps
These copper laps are used to polish a large variety of gem stones. They are made with a 1/16" thick copperplate that is professional bound to a 1/4" thick aluminium master lap. Simply charge with diamond medium available in our shop. The surface can be machined down to extend usage. All laps have 1/2" arbor.
Ceramic Laps
These ceramic laps are excellent for polishing hard stones, such as sapphire, and for putting a mirror-finish on the stone. They are made of 3/8" thick ceramic, so they are extremely fragile. Pre-charge and use with diamond powder. All laps have 1/2" arbor.
Ceramic Lap
189.00 $(VAT incl.)
Master Lap Aluminium
19.90 $(VAT incl.)
Aluminium Master Lap
These aluminium master laps are the premium choice for facetors and machined from the highest quality aluminium blanks. They are 1/4" thick and the surface tolerance is +/-.002", which makes for an extremely flat and well balanced base for your top plates. Master laps have 1/2" arbor.
Wool Polishing Pad
9.90 $(VAT incl.)
Polishing Pads
These Tech-11 polishing pads are used to polish stones and glass. They are made with high density, all natural wool felt that is 1/8" thick and come with a punched-out 1/2" arbor hole. Use with cerium oxide, tin oxide or diamond compound. Tech-11 polishing pads come with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing that easily bonds to backing plates and master laps.
Cerium Oxide Pad
13.90 $(VAT incl.)
Final Polishing Pads
These final polishing pads put a beautiful, mirror polish on stones and glass. They come pre-charged with cerium oxide, there is no need to charge them with polishing agents such as diamond paste or tin oxide. Final polishing pads come with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing that easily bonds to backing plates and master laps.
Canvas Polishing Pad
This canvas polishing pad is used for polishing stone , glass and synthetic material. It features a non-hole, untreated canvas surface that is professionally bounded to a 3/8" thick, plastic composite backing with a 1/4"-20 thread on the backside for screwing into shafts on cabbing units. Charge with any polishing agents before use.
6" Canvas Polishing Pad
9.90 $(VAT incl.)
Spin-On Disc
29.90 $(VAT incl.)
Spin-On Discs
This spin-on discs are used on the end of arbors and cabbing units to provide a backing for a variety of polishing pads. Spin-on discs are available in 1/4" thick aluminium or Plastic wit a 1/4"-20 right hand thread on the backside for screwing into shafts on cabbing units. All discs come with one adhesive-backed sponge pad to be optionally used under polishing discs pads. Feathering glue or a similar medium tacky spray-on adhesive is recommended to adhere polishing pads onto spin-on discs.
Hi-Tech Smoothing Pad
2.90 $(VAT incl.)
Diamond Smoothing Discs
These Hi-Tech diamond smoothing discs ensure rapid removal of scratches and high spots on cabochons. They are excellent for smoothing, refining and polishing glass. gemstones and synthetic material. Using a proprietary, a high concentration of diamond is loaded onto each disc to provide an extremely aggressive grinding rate, yet leave an exceptionally smooth finish. Discs come with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing that easily bonds to backing plates and master laps.
Micro-Finishing Lap
17.90 $(VAT incl.)
Micro-Finishing Sheets
These micro-finishing lapping sheets were developed for industrial applications and can be used to flat lap or polish just about anything. This lapping film contains carefully graded diamond particles that are electrostatically coated onto a high strength polyester film backing. This fast cutting, water resistant abrasive provides precise, consistent, close tolerance finishes, and are available in a wide range of precise micron grades to meet any sharpening or polishing need. They can be affixed to a hard flat surface. They can be used to put a fine polish on jewelry or gem stones. These are NON PSA and are not adhesive backed. They have a 3 mil high-strength polyester film backing which is less likely to tear than traditional wet or dry sandpaper.
Cotton Wheel

9.80 $(VAT incl.)
Cotton Polishing Wheel
Cotton wheels for the polishing machine. Available in different diameters, each cotton wheel is 50mm wide.
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