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Vibratory and Rotary Tumbler
Tumble Bee TB Series
The Tumble-Bee model TB-12, rotary rock tumbler comes with one 2lb. capacity rubber barrel. This 2lb. barrel is the perfect size for small scale tumbling needs and polishing smaller quantities of stones, glass and metals. With industry leading designs and features, the Tumble-Bee is a durable, modernized rock tumbler that is very user-friendly. Made of ABS plastic with a metal reinforced bottom, the Tumble-Bee housing is rust-free and free of sharp edges. Built-in barrel guides keep your barrels running true while you tumble. Its lighted on/off power switch easily indicates if your rock tumbler is on or off. The powerful 115V continuous AC fan-cooled motor comes installed with a thermal overload protector. Also available with 220V AC motor. Unit size L13" x W6", weight 5lbs.
One 2lb. capacity rubber barrel
Allen wrench
Complete written and visual instructions. Tumble-Bee rock tumblers are backed with a one-year warranty.

Additional models:
TB-14 comes with one 4lb. rubber barrel with same specification like above.

TB-22 comes with two 2lb rubber barrels with same specification like above.
Tumble Bee
79.00 $(VAT incl.)
Tumble Bee Rubber Barrel
Extra rubber barrels for the tumble bee series in two sizes 2lb and 4lb.
Tumble Bee Rubber Barrel
25.00 $(VAT incl.)
Tumble Bee Timing Belt
Spare part for all tumble bee units, timing belt.
Tumble Bee Timing Belt
2.90 $(VAT incl.)
Vibratory Tumbler - From small to big sizes
Standard vibratory tumbler, heavy duty finishing, and rinsing. A vibratory tumbler is a much smoother and more economical way to polish stones when compared to a rotary tumbler. These series are for industrial and the smaller units also for the hobbyist. All models have heavy-duty drive and suspension combined with a tough, cross-linked polyethylene bowl. Bowl capacity is from 6-45kg, has a noise reducing lid. With a vibratory tumbler, you can grind and polish effortless any stone until mirror polish. All models have a 220V motor, feel free to ask for the 110V model.
Vibratory Tumbler

139.00 $(VAT incl.)
Vibratory tumbler size tabelle
Rotary Tumbler 500L

2490.00 $(VAT incl.)
Rotary Tumbler - Grinding and polishing stones
Speed R hexagonal rotary grinding machine adopts horizontal rotary barrel, driven by a belt. The work-pieces are grinding by the polishing material, designed for pre-grind stones such as agate, jade, jasper, glass and so on efficient and quick. Speed R hexagonal rotary tumbler grinding machine using the principle of centrifugal grinding. It has big capacity from 500L, low noise and it’s easy to operate.

Motor 220V / 1100watt
Capacity 500L
Barrel Dimension L700 × D500mm (corner)
Height 1000mm
Weight 165kg
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