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Wet Angle Grinder
Electric Angle Grinder - Wet and dry grinding
The wet and dry grinder / polisher is ideal for handheld grinding and polishing any rocks. The variable speed control feature of the polisher delivers total control of material removal rate and surface finish for a wide array of materials The handheld grinder easily attaches to a standard hose bib adapter enabling the unit to dispense a steady flow of water through a control valve to the workpiece. The wet polisher comes with a water hose, GFCI, D-handle, gearbox cover, and rubber water shroud.
Variable speed control, ranges from 500 to 4,500 RPM
Durable, 900 watt universal motor cooper wire
Water attachment with adjustable valve
5" maximum disc size
Locking power switch
D-Handle included
Power cord has built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
220volts or 110volts
Weight 4Kg
Electric Angle Wet Grinder

349.00 $(VAT incl.)
Pneumatic Angle Grinder - With center water feed
This center water feed air polisher has a front exhaust port, which allows the user to dry the edge with the tool and inspect their work as they go.  Economical and reliable, this tool is a great value. Includes one 4" rubber backer.
Air Cons:  0.22 m3/min 8 CFM minimum 12 CFM optimal
Spindle Size: 5/8-11
Air Inlet: 1/4"
Max Speed: 4,500 rpm
Hose Size: 6.5 mm
Max. HP: 1 HP
Length: 230 mm
Air Pressure: 90 psi
Weight 3.6kg
Pneumatic Angle Wet Grinder

249.00 $(VAT incl.)
Angle Grinder Stand - Cut stones
Angle grinder stands heavy duty steel/aluminium casting, designed for to clamp angle grinder and cut stones. Very useful item for the hobbyist.
Dimension L240 x W190 x H270mm.
Weight 3,2kg.
Angle Grinder Stand

39.90 $(VAT incl.)
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